Country 3:16 / The Bill Baker Band

Located right in the heart of Southern Oklahoma! Currently covering Oklahoma and Texas Venues. 

Bill was born and raised in Southern Oklahoma. His love for music was a born passion with his dad placing a guitar in his hand at the age of 2 or 3. Bill beat the strings off of more than one guitar before he mastered playing. It was when he hit his teenage years that he got even more serious about music and learned a lot from local players. Danny Puckett was the one he learned the most from - licks, turnarounds and touch.

         "He was a great man and the best guitar player I ever knew"

                                                                                                          Bill Baker

Randell Edwards was another that Bill learned a lot from. At this time in Bills life is when he wrote his first song for his mother Helen's birthday - "Soon very soon". Growing up poor, this was the only birthday gift he could offer his mother. When this song was heard by others; the preacher liked it, other musicians liked and it soon became a special song played within the church they attended. Bill hasn't looked back since. 

For more that 20 years he has now been writing and singing his own songs. 

         "Writing songs is my passion, but all glory must go to God. I can't speak for everyone, but for me, it's an Anointed Gift from God. It's like I'm the hand that holds the pen and his words just flow out onto paper. I've Heard people talk about songs taking days, months and even years to write. That is not that way for me. Most of the time it takes 10 or 15 minutes and  a song is born. I've got one song that took me about 2 years, but God was ministering me at the time"

                                                                                                       Bill Baker

With 3 CD's under his belt and a new one on the horizon, Bill States:

          "I look around me and see the goodness of God. The people that have entered my life are amazing.... I am a blessed man.

Bill is supported by his wonderful wife Kristin and one can enjoy watching their son Guy run around at their venues. Kristin supports the band in being the photographer, organizing and running the concessions plus creating tier event flyers.

John 3:30 - He must increase, but I must decrease. 

Song Writer/Musician


With motherhood tugging at her skirt, she still finds time to support the band. Kristin balances the demands of a young son, a full time office manager of a local non-profit agency, Sunday school teacher and fill-in Pastor plus supports the band 100% when needed. Kristin has been married to Bill for the last 14 years and finds her niche in "minding the gaps" for the band from designing posters, creating press releases, putting together mail outs, minding the merchandise tables down to being a band roadie.

Kristin never remembers a time not loving Jesus and has had a relationship with Him since the age of 4. Her greatest love is Jesus and her family.

Photo credit goes to Makayla Perry.

Print Manager / Photographer


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